My Observations of Worrying and Alternate Realities

7 thoughts on “My Observations of Worrying and Alternate Realities”

  1. I cope with stress by dancing, which is usually my healthiest alternative. Otherwise I turn to anger, which I do not recommend. Its not that I go into fits of rage or anything like that, but its more like frustration. Anyway… try dancing, its so good

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  2. Dove, I just read through your blog and I’d like to say that I admire your ability to observe life and yourself. Don’t lose it and keep writing, so the rest of us can keep reading.

    And to not make this completely off topic – I deal with stress in a way a bit similar to yours. I think of some event in my life and I try to imagine what would it be like if I have said or done something different. This is all done in great detail, I try and predict what everyone else involved in the situation would have done, how they would have acted… So it is pretty much like creating an alternative reality…

    Funny enough, I have found that this helps me in real life events. When something happens I think to myself “hey, I have already seen this in my mind, I know exactly what would happen and I know what I want to do now.”

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